Brand Works

Barsa supports two main fields of the Brand Works: Shop Branding & Office Branding. Designing and producing brand shops, retail spaces, flagship stores, product stands and showcases, ... based on corporate identity and brand promotion is shop branding area of services in Barsa Design. Designing and decorating work space based on corporate identity that produces a comfort, suitable and effective field to owners for work and consultation with clients is our Office Branding area of services.


A) Shop Fitting / Store Design

Barsa applies to all kinds of outlets from small corner shops to hypermarkets by custom solution from planning and designing to install equipment and services.

B) Product Stands & Showcases

By these kinds of solutions Barsa helps to make an eye-catching product presenting in stores. They are made in different sizes and different materials.


A custom made fitting and decoration based on specific materials (MDF in general) and perfect design and layout are points of success in our office brandings services.