The 19th Intl. Exhibition of Household Appliances

19 – 22 November 2019

Tehran Intl fairground


The season of home layout

The Home Appliances Exhibition is one of the major international fairs in the country, held every fall. This large, industrial and specialized exhibition is a great opportunity for researchers, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers of home goods to present and showcase their products. Contract negotiation, advertising, research, competitor identification, modeling, communication with researchers, makers, suppliers, and etc. are the other goals of the exhibition.
The presence of international brands is a turning point in the exhibition to create competition in the domestic market and promote the quality of Iranian household goods.

The idea of designing a booth in the exhibition is in touch with the presentation of products. So that the beauty of product designs in the simple monochrome walls, goes along with the graphics, can inspire the design of the stands.

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IRAN HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES 2019 | 19 - 22 November